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What's the best Microphone for your podcast or radio show?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

We hear this question all the time, 'What microphone should I use for my podcast?'.

You're wanting to improve your podcast game or maybe deciding to launch a new show and don't know much about hardware? We will be covering these topics in our blog.


Having the correct microphone for podcast recording is the most crucial part of your show as it gives you the highest quality sound to connect to your audience.

Condenser vs Dynamic microphones for podcasting?

Condenser Microphone

Usually found in recording studios, these microphones are very receptive to sound and can record in high fidelity/ sensitivity. They pick up background noises easily so it's definitely best to stay clear if you are recording in a louder setting than an isolated recording studio. For microphones with XLR input, you would require a special type of DC power supply usually referred to as 'Phantom Power' to make it work.

Dynamic Microphone

The most versatile microphone out there. Although it's far less sensitive to picking up unwanted noise, it is also very affordable. You'll be able to find both USB and XLR connections to suit your needs. However, for the highest recording quality, you might be better off using an XLR connection along with a pre-amp like a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (pictured below) to make your show sound as good as it can.

focusrite 2i2 pre amp


Condenser mics would be the best option for a professional podcaster who is aiming to supply the highest quality audio possible. If you are having trouble with the echoing/ reverb effect on your voice then make sure to check out our 'Room Acoustics' blog here.


What microphones do we recommend in 2022:


Blue yeti microphone

Blue Microphones yeti USB: This is one of the most popular mics in the streaming, gaming, and podcast industry because of its great sound and affordable cost. Its durability will also allow you to just throw this one in your bag and not have to worry.

Reasons to avoid: This model only comes with a USB connection

Mid range:

Shure MV7: In our experience, it doesn't get much better than the Shure MV7 microphone. This hybrid mic with both XLR and USB connections offers great versatility for those who are on the move. Pairing it with the MOTIV app, you'll be able to process your recording in real-time to give it the most professional feel. This microphone comes with a more expensive price tag but is well worth the investment for podcasters who are looking for a long-term solution for getting some amazing quality recordings.

Reasons to avoid: The cost of this microphone would be over budget for many beginner podcasters.

High end:

Shure SMB7: If you want to hear what this microphone sounds like then look no further than the likes of the Joe Rogan Podcast or Impaulsive with Logan Paul. This professional high-end dynamic microphone is really as good as it gets. You'll be able to record those sweet low frequencies without a problem to get that signature broadcasting sound.

Reasons to avoid: This mic is XLR only which means you'll need a pre-amp to really make the most out of it. If you want to learn more on pre-amps and mixers check out our blog here.


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